Saturday, May 29, 2010

Here is where we are

While at the doctor getting my staples removed Wednesday, I was able to get a few minutes with the doctor to ask about how the surgery went and about hubbies sperm test.

The good doctor told us (G rated because our son was with us) about my surgery and showed us a few pictures. All of which he said he would go over in detail at my post-op June 4th. He was able to briefly go over the sperm test, again G rated and told us that his quantity was good along with something else but he was worried about the morphology. He explained that meant the shape of the swimmers is not what they wanted it to be and it makes it harder for them to make the long journey and that a procedure called an IUI might work for us. Naturally, due to all the stress I did my best to hide my tears in front of our boy.

Later I Googled all I could on IUI and found that it meant my husband would have to give a deposit and that sperm would be "washed" to get all the good ones and I would be waiting in a different room to be inseminated way up in there to give them a head start.

Now here is the hard part. It only has about a 20% success rate and it's costly. Just to talk with the specialist is $260 and that does not cover anything but his time. Also I was relay having a hard time (at this point in our journey) with the idea of making a baby in a doctors office.

Does that make sense? I know this might be something we might have to do but I'm not ready. I still hold hope with the idea that we can make a baby the old fashion way.

We had the appointment set. But today I couldn't stand it. I had to tell hubby how I was feeling. I needed to know how far we were going to get into this. I know it's $260 to start but than what? How much could this be? He said he did not want to get crazy in the amount we would spend. But I had to ask, how much is a baby worth? When does the spending stop? The average IUI (depends on many factors) is around $2000. And for some is way more. And many do this 3, 4 or more times.

So here is were we are. We are going to cancel the appointment with the specialist and talk more in depth with my doctor Friday at the post-op. We are hoping he can recommend some vitamins or maybe he can put me on meds to insure ovulation.

Please keep us in your prayers.