Saturday, May 8, 2010

Things change so fast... it is. In February this year I came down with the worst pain I have ever felt. I went to the ER where they ran a bunch of tests and decided I needed my Gallbladder out pronto. So the next morning I was being wheeled into surgery and came out with one less organ.

A month later, in March the same debilitating pain returned. Went to a new doctor who ordered up an EGD and found an ulcer in my esophagus. I now take a medicine everyday to help heal it.

April came and went. I thought I was healed. But I had some issues with my bowl movements. So the doctor ordered up a colonoscopy. That came back all clear.

That brings us to May. The pain came back. This time I decided to see my gyno (simply because my hubby wanted me to). I explained to him all that has happened and the pain that keeps coming around when I have my period and how we have been trying to conceive a child for a year with no luck. That's when he said "have you ever heard of endometrious?" (The only thing I ever heard about it was, it was bad to have and you would never be able to have babies.) I began to tear up. He than kindly drew me a picture and explained it all to me. He also told me that the only way to see how bad it is and to remove missed placed cells is with Laparoscopy.

So that is where I am at. We have the date scheduled for the surgery this month and I guess we see from there on where to go.