Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pre Op

This morning while trying to stay up as late as I could I grabbed my cell to see how late I had made it, 1:15am. Not bad I thought. But than it hit was now May 19th. That date rang a bell to me. Oh crap! It's my pre op day! I run into the bedroom and wake my hubby by saying "how bad do you want to hate me?"

He asked what had I done.

I told him the best way I could..."I thought my pre op was Thursday morning, well I was wrong, and it's at 7am today."

So right to bed I went. And because we live beyond BFE, meant it would be a short nap. Sure enough 5:30am came very early. Too early. But I some how managed to brush my teeth and hair and drag my butt into the car.

We made it their with not a moment to spare : )

After checking in, talking with registration and again registration in the pre op area.My name was called I knew what was coming. Blood.

Blood does not bother me, the poke does. But this nurse was wonderful and I barley felt a thing. And my vitals were also checked.

Today it hit me. I'm having surgery Friday. That's the day after tomorrow. I'm getting nervous. Nervous for the pain that might be felt. Nervous for what they might find. Nervous wondering if this will make my monthly pain go away. Nervous if this will allow me to get pregnant.

Don't get me wrong, for all the reasons I'm nervous, I'm excited to get this going. To see were we stand and whats next.

What's next.