Monday, May 24, 2010

Laparoscopy with Tubal Procedure

Friday I had my laparoscopy surgery with tubal procedure. Here's how it went.

Friday we got up super early and went to the surgery center. At about 7:30 they called me back into my own little room. Let me say, the place was nice. It looked like an ER but with your own room that had a door and bathroom (way better than the other surgery center I had other stuff done at, that was more like a doctor office).

After I got changed into my super revealing gown got my IV and went over everything with the Nurse they called my hubby back to be with me. The Anesthesiologist came in and talked to us about everything he was going to do and asked me a few medical history type questions.

At 8:30 on the dot the Nurse and Anesthesiologist both came in to get me. The Anesthesiologist gave me a drug in my IV and said I might feel a little drunk. I sure did, last thing I remember is giggling and saying I sure do feel drunk as I was wheeled down the hallway.

When I woke up Steve was with me and I was back in my little room. I had some mild discomfort because I felt like I had to pee bad (was told that's because of the catheter, removed before I woke). But no pain. I tried to pee a few times but they told me it would be hard because of the cath. But I was able to go. ]

I have three small slits that each have three staples in them and covered with bandages and was told it's normal for them to weep a bit.

Once I was awake enough Steve told me what the doctor told him right after. I had a few things going on. First he advised the endometriosis was not too bad and he was able to remove it all. Second he located and removed a cyst on one of me ovaries. And the big kicker, both of my tubes were completely blocked!

I'm not sure of the details. But the doctor said by fixing it just increased our chances of conception by 100% (go figure if the tubes were blocked).

I will know more on Wednesday when I have the staples removed.

The weekend was not too bad as long as I kept up with the pain medicine every five hours and today, Monday, I'm back to work (remember I sit for my 12 hour shift) and have very mild discomfort and taking only Tylenol when needed. Nut if I had a more active job I would have taken a few more days off.

I am very excited for trying again and what the next few moths might bring us!

If anyone reading this would like to ask me question about this surgery please email me.