Monday, June 7, 2010

TWW=Two Week Wait

Anyone TTC (trying to conceve) knows the TWW (two week wait) sucks! It's the two weeks between ovulation and your next period.

I love the different things people come up with do keep occupied during that time.
Here are a few : p

Day 1 - Organize sock drawer. Throw out singles.

Day 2 - Bathe the dogs.

Day 3 - Eat a whole bag chips!

Day 4 - Decide to get healthy, walk 5 miles, get a blister on your heel from sneakers that don't fit right.

Day 5 - Take all the clothing out of your closet. Start sorting which items to throw away or give to charity. Get bored, leave the mess.

Day 6 - Do the same with your dresser. Ditto on the mess. Find mates to single socks you threw out on Day 1. Keep them. Start poking your breasts looking for signs of tenderness.

Day 7 - Go shopping for new clothes. Buy only things that can be "converted" for maternity wear (stretchy pants, straight-waisted tops or dresses). Obsess over whether those twinges you felt were implantation or gas.

Day 8 - Buy a multi-pack of HPT's. Keep looking at them every time you go in the bathroom, even though you know it's too early to tell anything. Wonder if your breasts are sore from being PG, or from all that poking.

Day 9 - Cut coupons out of the newspaper, INCLUDING those for diapers and other baby supplies. Stick them on the refrigerator to remind you that THIS is the month. Call your friend (you know, the pregnant one) and chat for awhile.

Day 10 - Take out package of HPT's, fondle, read directions, put away. Repeat several times. Obsess over whether breasts are more or less tender than they were yesterday.

Day 11 - Wonder if your nausea is from PG, or from the double super burrito with extra jalapenos you ate for lunch (cravings??). Fondle HPT's again, put away.

Day 12 - Spend half the day in the bathroom (see burritos above). Swear you'll never eat Mexican food again... until next time. Throw away diaper coupons because two visitors asked if there was something you wanted to tell them?

Day 13 - Clean up the mess you made on Days 5 & 6. Keep those jeans you wore in high school - you'll get back into a size 3 someday. Be happy that you can walk across your bedroom again without stepping on clothes.

Day 14 - Wake up at 4:30 am, open the HPT... You know what to do.

Day 1 starts for me tomorrow : )
**HPT =Home pregnancy test