Monday, June 14, 2010

Jolene, Buddy and Boomer,

Dear Jolene, Buddy and Boomer,

I want to first say I love you so much. Mommy and Daddy have to go to Michigan for a week and you will be home with your super cool Uncle Jonny. Here are a few rules for when we are gone.

Jolene - Please don't miss us too much. Try to have fun. You're too old to boycott food in hopes it will bring us (me) home sooner. We will be gone till Sunday. I know if you ask nicely (or bug him enough) Jonny will let you sleep on the bed and under the covers like Daddy lets you do. And one last thing, please be good to your brothers and share the bones. We have more than enough for all of you.

Buddy - Your our big boy and we want you to keep Jonny and the home safe while we are gone but know that he will like you more if you try not to wake him up with barking in the middle of the night. I hope no bad storms come while we are gone (I know they scare you too much) but I know that if you need to Jonny will let you cuddle till it passes.

Boomer - Please, please, please try not to chew everything while we are gone. I have put all the paper, letters, underwear, shoes, mail, bags, sponges, sanders, spoons, socks, shoes and your other favorites up and out of your reach and warned Jonny. We have left many bones for your teething needs.

We love you three so much and we will miss you lots. This should be our last trip without you because once Big Ugly (the RV) is in tip top shape you will always come with us. Again please be good. I promise we will bring you home a surprise!

Mommy & Daddy

P.S. Please boys, don't drink all the water from the toilets